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Focused On What Matters Most

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Kimberly Eardley, CEO

Kimberly is our passion-driven, fearless leader in this journey to a brighter future here on the Treasure Coast. She has dedicated her life to educating her fellow community members; determined to stoke the flames of change and hope for our Families.


Donna shines in the classroom where her compassion, patience, and desire to help remain abundantly apparent. Her love of teaching is impossible to ignore. Her students adore her, and we at Families are lucky to have her as our Senior Community Educator!


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Donna Gibson, Senior Community Educator

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Marjorie Gittings , Community Educator

Marjorie is a natural born teacher; her training and education merely serve to back that innate skillset! She facilitates our highly anticipated How To: Middle School workshops and has found powerful new ways to connect with our teen students.



Henry Duhart Educator, Event Coordinator

Henry is a community activist and organizer in the Treasure Coast area. He led many of last years BLM marches and organized many community town halls. He has more than 8 years of event planning experience all across the country. We are happy to have him on our team to help us in reaching those who need our services the most. Henry is charasmatic, energetic, and a passionate member of our community.



Deivon Greene, Program Coordinator

Deivon Greene is a dedicated father and mentor with a passion for his community.  As the Program Coordinator Deivon is responsible for the planning and coordination of programs and their activities. He ensures the quality of data collection and keeps our programs on schedule, on budget and functioning smoothly. Deivon is a natural people person and is always available to meet with community partners, agencies and businesses for collaborations, events, and ideas.



Steve Estima, IT Specialist, Media Coordinator

Steve is a St Lucie County native & a small business owner of a production company "Born King Studio", which always aims to show the beauty of the Treasure Coast. As the media coordinator he ensures that all of the content that we represent the core values of the families in the Treasure Coast area. Steve specializes in Information Technology 



Kinley Eardley, Administrative Assistant

Kinley is our keeper of gate; always on her post, she manages scheduling and logistics for staff meetings and events. She also works diligently to support our communications, daily activities, trainings, and community events. Kinley is often the first point of access to the executive team, organizing events, and partnerships. As Administrative Assistant, Kinley also helps with development efforts; from typing grant proposals to delivering documents to donors. Kinley always keeps us on task, aware of deadlines and project time frames. 




Neil Bascombe

As a Family Life Coach with Families Of The Treasure Coast, My Role is to not help families get the financial footing through Credit Repair, budgeting and Financial planning, but also to help you navigate life's obstacles by connecting you with people and resources to help you reach your personal and financial goals..



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