Focused On What Matters Most

Kimberly Staff Pic.jpg

Kimberly Eardley, CEO

Kimberly is our passion-driven, fearless leader in this journey to a brighter future here on the Treasure Coast. She has dedicated her life to educating her fellow community members; determined to stoke the flames of change and hope for our Families.


Tessa Staff Pic.jpg

Tessa Falatovich, Community Educator

Tessa is a natural born teacher; her training and education merely serve to back that innate skillset! She facilitates our highly anticipated How To: Middle School workshops and has found powerful new ways to connect with our teen students.




Donna Gibson, Senior Community Educator

Donna shines in the classroom where her compassion, patience, and desire to help remain abundantly apparent. Her love of teaching is impossible to ignore. Her students adore her, and we at Families are lucky to have her as our Senior Community Educator!


Carrington Price_0411 (2) (1).jpeg

Carrington Price Sr., Community Educator

Carrington has a passion for teaching that is second to none!  As  a certified coach, teacher and speaker with the John Maxwell Team, we are fortunate to have him as part of our Families Team!