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The goal of Families of the Treasure Coast is to strengthen our community by providing Tri County parents information about, and access to, the resources and opportunities available to them. In addition to services provided in physical classrooms, Families of the Treasure Coast also sponsors events and classes at locations throughout St. Lucie County.

Why Families of the Treasure Coast?

The Families of the Treasure Coast reaches out to all parents by providing information, connections to community resources, and parent development activities throughout the community. Beyond improving the quality of life for families and children in St. Lucie County, the resources available at Families of the Treasure Coast can benefit our entire community. 


Families of the Treasure Coast resources build stronger families. Stronger families produce more well-adjusted children, leading to lower crime rates, improved health, and better educational outcomes and earning potential.  


Families of the Treasure Coast initiatives are also designed to increase communication among community resources, giving families access to services that they might otherwise not utilize.

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