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Online Safety

On this page you'll find a variety of resources for online safety, including tips, conversation starters, and links to websites and articles from experts in the field.  

Are you looking for something specific? Connect with us at (772) 302 3147 - We are here and ready to support you and your family!

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Learn Together

It can be hard to keep up with all that's happening online - set aside time to learn about new trends by asking your kids what they see!

Talk it Through

Interested in exactly what your child is doing online? Explore  together by asking them to explain from their perspective 


Starting a conversation and exploring together are all great ways to understand what's new and now!

Make a Plan

Come up with a family plan on what you can do if someone experiences something negative online

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Resources for online safety:

Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids allows children to explore age appropriate content while exploring their independence! Parents: looking for information on how to block channels, manage screen time, set parental controls, or access watch history? Explore each of the previous links by clicking on the topic.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT from the US Cyber Security Agency

This page from the US Cyber Security Agency lists resources, presentations, and conversation starters on what it means to stay safe online

Common Sense Media

Check out videos, Q&A, articles, and more on how you can work together as a family to make sure internet use is safe and fun. Topics are separated by age group.


Conversation starters:

Q: I'm concerned about WHO my child is talking to online - How can I make sure they're honest with me?   

This is a very common and perfectly reasonable question to ask. More than likely, your child is talking to their friends. One way to start a conversation about online safety is to ask your child what they would do if someone they didn't know tried to talk to them. Every home is different and what you as the parent feel is appropriate in-person practice can be a good way to set up online boundaries!

Q: I don't understand why my child CAN'T put their phone down!

Times sure have changed and our technology continues to change even FASTER! Our phones, tablets, and computers are our new lifelines - especially for our children and teens. However, if you feel you need more information on how to set boundaries, limit screen time, and talk out some of the "tougher" topics, give us a call - we're happy to support you and your family!

Q: If my teen won't show me exactly what they're doing on their phone - then they're up to no good.

Internet safety is a concern for everyone and as parents, we're especially concerned about the safety of our children. Some ways to start a conversation about phone use and misuse is to ask your child what a typical day looks like for them on their phone - do they use social media? Are they talking to friends? Do they feel comfortable alerting you if they see something concerning? ​If you feel there is something specific you'd like to address, give us a call - we've helped to support parents and teens through every topic you can imagine!

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Resources for understanding gaming: - Tips for Understanding Online Gaming    

Click through this website for helpful tips on understanding online gaming, how to start conversations on gaming safely, and advice for each age group.

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)

The ESRB is responsible for rating every game - here you can find information on what each rating means and search for games to find more information on their content. 

Click the link above for a list of articles on online gaming, App usage, and more 

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Resources for digital wellbeing:

Google's Digital Wellbeing

Here you'll find tools from Google on how to reflect on your usage and manage screen time for yourself and your family


Samsung Wind Down for Samsung Phone Users

Wind down helps get you ready to reduce cell phone use by enabling greyscale, limiting app usage, and enabling Do Not Disturb

The Best Ways to Wind Down Using Tech - Popular Science

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