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Parent Teen Community Connection

At Families of the Treasure Coast, our PTCC is centered around the family bond. We understand the importance of a strong family unit, and we believe that healthy and happy families are the key components of a healthy and happy community. That’s why we’re committed to helping individuals and families in need, by providing resources and support that strengthen the community and empower people to live better lives.

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Here at Families of the Treasure Coast, we are driven by a single goal; to equip our fellow community members with the knowledge and tools essential to a

happy, healthy, prosperous family.

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Find the program that fits your needs

People Empowering People, or PEP, is a community advocacy training program which focuses on improving personal life skills, parental and family relationships, and community engagement. Adults age 18+ participate in interactive sessions, exploring topics such as: values,
communication, active listening, problem solving, parenting styles, and child development. Participants then receive advocacy training and create service projects aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life in St. Lucie County!

Redirecting Children’s Behavior is an engaging and interactive, 4-session workshop that empowers parents and caregivers to build upon previously established skills by guiding them through curriculum focused on increasing self esteem, developing mutual respect, reducing tantrums, fears, and fits, and disciplining using consequences instead of punishment. Parents work together with educators to create family action plans that aim to reduce household stress, eliminate power struggles and fights, and help parents enjoy parenting!

Secrets of Modern Parenting is a 4-session workshop that works with parents of middle school age children in creating an environment that supports positive behavior changes. Parents participate in activities and discussions that cover topics such as: developing effective communication skills, building positive relationships, setting boundaries, and organizing for success.


“Youth should have a place to call their own; a circle where they not only belong, but are valued as equals.”

-Kimberly Eardley, Founder of PTCC & CEO of Families of the Treasure Coast


Parent Teen Community Connection (PTCC) is Families of the Treasure Coast’s flagship program, which works directly with youth ages 10 to 18 over the course of 8-week sessions, improving social and emotional literacy.

546 NW University Blvd.

Suite #203 

Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Call Us At:

(772) 302-3147

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

9 AM - 5 PM

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